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ELD luncheon at rebung

On the 20th of december, a group of eld teachers had lunch at chef ismail’s rebung restaurant.

The restaurant is located at the perdana lake gardens parking block.

We had a lunch buffet and the food was yummy! Nothing beats malay cuisine! Alhamdulillah for this!

Its a little bittersweet event for me personally because that luncheon would probably be the only opportunity for me to meet some colleagues for the last time. Ohwell.

Pictures are up for posterity!

Posted in random, with pictures

Abrupt raya gathering.. 

Some students from last semester came to beraya with mdm aishah. We shared the same class so i was invited too. I came only towards the end of their gathering with mdm aishah. 

So kids being kids.. of course i had to give in to the thousand attempts of taking pictures.