Abrupt raya gathering.. 

Some students from last semester came to beraya with mdm aishah. We shared the same class so i was invited too. I came only towards the end of their gathering with mdm aishah. 

So kids being kids.. of course i had to give in to the thousand attempts of taking pictures. 

the semester has come to an end..

sem 3 2016/2017 has come to an end.

this is the only class i had for this semester with only 4 contact hours.

too little time to enjoy each other’s company more- so unfortunate.

best wishes to my students! hope to see you around 🙂

a toast to sem 1 2016/2017

Pictures are up at on the other page.. 

so a semester has ended and we wait for the new one.. which will commence in about 3 weeks.

Just want to say thank you to all my students for the memories! May you be successful in all your endeavours!