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A final goodbye to ELD CFS IIUM

today is 1 march 2018.

yesterday, was my official final date for my resignation.

the end is finally here. feeling a little sad whilst i type this.

being unemployed currently has been fun for me 🙂

and it is true that there is never an end with house work. but really, if you dont want to do any of the housework, i think it is perfectly okay. as long as the other inhabitants of the household are unaware of the mess and chaos or the lack of food or supplies, then its okay 🙂

so this blog will remain online. i will occasionally check in this blog because i do wonder about my students. some of them have left impressions on me.

there really is something about being with the youths ye. despite your age, the youths are there to constantly remind you that they may be immature and lost most of the time, but, they are motivated, they have a purpose because they have parents to appease of and they have wishful ideas- so many of which were what we adults were once. my students have kept me grounded. they may not know the effect they have on me.. but they remind me of the current struggles.. be it personally or academically.  they remind me that they are also affected by Malaysian politics, by the norms and by the influences of social media. all that and more- they have me grounded.

to be wise and experienced requires one to not lose touch with those beneath me (students) because the very essence that had made me wise and experienced had been from my students.

but those days are over.. i hope i will never lose touch. i hope ill always remember the struggles and achievements of my students.

because one day soon, my son will go through the same journey my students did. and i need all the wisdom and experience in me to help my son on his journey.




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ELD luncheon at rebung

On the 20th of december, a group of eld teachers had lunch at chef ismail’s rebung restaurant.

The restaurant is located at the perdana lake gardens parking block.

We had a lunch buffet and the food was yummy! Nothing beats malay cuisine! Alhamdulillah for this!

Its a little bittersweet event for me personally because that luncheon would probably be the only opportunity for me to meet some colleagues for the last time. Ohwell.

Pictures are up for posterity!